Wehrmacht/Waffen-SS first pattern M42 reversible winter parka


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Stunning and seldom encountered in this condition, a first pattern grey colored M42 Wehrmacht/Waffen-SS winter parka (Winterwendejacke 42). The jacket only shows light wear and I can’t find any repairs or remarks. The jacket retains all it’s original strings and cords, that are often missing. All grey and white buttons on both sides are complete and show matching wear.  The grey side is exectured in some sort of demin cloth, which is very unusual to see and this might be the only example that I’ve seen so far. It is maker marked with factory code 179 and size marked II (2). On the white side a soldiers name is written in pencil. The size is perfect for a mannequin. This is one of the better grey colored winterjackes I have owned, and it honestly looks even better in hand.