UNIQUE OFFER Reissued M18 double decal Bahnshutzpolizei steel helmet


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I genuinely think this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity; a genuine M18 Bahnschutzpolizei steel helmet. The helmet is a World War 1 reissued helmet, that first was issued to the army, as a double decal transitional army helmet. The ghost of both these army decals are still visible under the blue colored BSP paint. So it is clear to say this helmet was reissued twice. When it was reissued for the second time it received a rough blue colored paint job and a set of Bahnschutzpolizei decals on eatch side of the helmet. On the left side a nearly 100% intact BPS decal and on the left a seldom seen ‘elongated’ NSDAP party shield decal, still present for about 80%. Unfortunately the helmet is missing its WW1 pattern liner, but the original liner band is still present. It even has blue strokes of paint on it, which is clear to say that this liner band never left the helmet. The helmet was found without split pins, the previous owner added these, and they could easily be removed if wanted. The shell has a dome serial number: R2007N and is maker and size marked on the side: W66. After extensive research, I can conclude that only less than 10 of these helmets are known world wide today! This is one of the better preserved examples, especially with the Bahnschutzpolizei decal so well preserved. A great opportunity to own one of the Thirth Reichs rarest steel helmets!