RZM Hitlerjugend bread bag ‘Brotbeutel’


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First time I have ever encountered this. A RZM made bread bag for a Hitlerjugend unit. The bread bag is complete with its carrying strap and retains all its buttons and straps. Inside the original RZM label is still present stating this is a ‘Brotbeutel nach Vorschrift’. Underneath the label, the bag is marked with a stamp; Unverkaufliches Eigentum der Hitler-Jugend Gebiet Oberd. (29) (Unsellable property of the Hitlerjugend area Oberd. (29). This same stamp was first wrongly marked on the front of the bag but erased, then placed on the correct spot under the label. For me hitler youth bread bags were always brown colored, this is the first time I have encountered a nice grey – Wehrmacht look – bag with a beautiful label and stamp. Looking at the construction and alumium buttons and rings, I would say this bag was made around 1938. Seldom seen item in very good condition!