RARE Hitlerjugend Streifendienst BeVo-weave armband


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A BeVo-woven example of a NSDAP armband, quite rare to find and very desirable amongst collectors. The armband is worn and shows a HJ-Streifendienst acceptance stamp on the inside, which makes this armband quite unique and rare. The Hitler Youth ‘patrol service’ (Streifendienst) was a special formation of the Hitler Youth (HJ), whose task was to maintain internal discipline in the Hitler Youth. Despite close cooperation with the police authorities, the HJ-Streifendienst was not allowed to take any police measures of its own, but with the enactment of the “Hitler Youth Act” in 1936 and the enactment of the youth service obligation in 1939, it gained ever more extensive competences. From 1938 he served as a youth organization for the SS, in particular for the SS-Verfügungstruppe, the SS-Totenkopfverbände and the SS-Junkerschulen. Very rare armban with a great history!