MINT Waffen-SS oak leave spring pattern reversible parka and trousers


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Superb Waffen-SS, camouflaged winter-uniform comprising of parka and matching trousers as both executed in so-called: oak-leave-type, ‘Frühlings’ (spring) pattern. Both parka and trousers retain bright- and vivid colours and were hardly (presumably never!) worn: the set can easily be graded ‘virtually mint-/unissued’. This can also be seen at the pencil drawings that are still marking the button holes from the factory tailors. Both rare uniform-pieces are totally void of any markings (something that is more often observed with these reversible SS winter-uniforms). The set, which is naturally fully reversible, shows some truly minimal wear and/or staining (especially on the white-coloured inside as more often). All period-attached buttons are present (besides one on the trousers that is broken). The parka still retains it’s hood, internal waist-band and all strings, which is nice because these are often missing. The trousers still have their original and matching suspenders. The piece of cloth that holds these suspenders show one tiny hole (mouse bite?) as can be seen on the picture. Both items are fairly large-sized and will with certainty fit a mannequin. Simply a fantastic and truly rarely encountered Waffen-SS winter-uniform that is nowadays hardly ever offered for sale!