MINT M43 army ‘Panzergrenadier’ feldbluse


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Unissued, textbook, ‘straight out of the factory’ M43 army feldbluse in excellent condition. Period factory applied (zig-zag stitched) insigina and beautiful lemon green piped M44 Panzergrenadier shoulder boards. The lining is made out of tan colored silk and shows no damages. On the side there are size markings showing a 90cm chest, which is a to be considdered as a normal size for a German jacket and will fit a normal mannequin. The feldbluse is maker marked with RBNr 0/0650/0017. The internal support straps are made for re-issued M36 carryingstraps, as was the thing with many M42 and M43 jackets. It’s nice to see they left a print in the lining material from beiing stocked for more then 70 years (see pictures). The wool is in perfect condition and is very vivid from color and feels soft. Impossible to upgrade this M43 feldbluse!