M42 single decal Waffen-SS helmet ET64


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Selling a genuine ‘Wehrmacht’ M42 helmet with a replica SS decal applied on the side. The nice thing about it is that the helmet is in fact a genuine decaled example when looking in the database and the type of SS decal being used here also matches the firm of ET, so I can only say it is a very nice high quality reproduction. Besides the decal it still remains a genuine M42 helmet in its original green color. The liner is untouched and belongs to this helmet. The split pins remain straight and show nice oxidation. The chin strap is not a good one, but a fair attempt and suits the helmet well. A nice starter SS helmet if you can’t afford the real thing or if you erase the decal you got a genuine no decaled M42 helmet. Marked on the side ET64 and in the rear 2599.