M35 army sawdust overpaint single decal helmet 1939 Q64


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Typical early war M35 helmet that started it’s life as a pea-green M35 double decal army helmet. In 1940 before the invasion of Western Europe soldiers where obligated to remove (or cover) the national tri-color shield. This helmet was overpainted with dark green paint, mixed with saw dust, covering the tri-color shield but leaving the ‘Big Foot’ army decal open. The liner is a 1939 dated aluminum example and has not been tempered with, the split pins are nice and tight and show oxidation. The leather is still supple and has a nice brown color. The original draw string and chin strap are still in place. The full lenght chin strap matches the liner and the buckle is also constructed out of aluminum. It’s maker marked, dated 1937 and it’s worth a small fortune on it’s own today! Very honest early war combat helmet in good condition. Q64 lot number 1356.