Luftwaffe EM/NCO visor cap for flying personnel ‘Flieger Schirmmütze’ by Schellenberg


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Original and ‘been there’ Luftwaffe visor cap ‘Schirmmütze’. Yellow piping indicates this hat was intented for a member of the Luftwaffe flying personnel or ‘Flieger’ – that could either be a pilot, airgunner or paratrooper. The visors shows medium to heavy wear but retains it’s Original saddle shape. On top some white paint drops have fallen on to it, and could probably be easily cleaned with water or aceton. I just left it ‘as found’ three weeks ago by a German housecleaner I know. The nice thing about this cap is that it’s made by the desired maker ‘Schellenberg’. The liner remains in good condition – please see pictures. Nice and honest Luftwaffe visor cap in used condition, priced accordingly.