Killer M35 army three tone ‘Normandy’ camouflage helmet with ghost decal


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Truely beautiful M35 army steel helmet. Typical re-issued helmet that got a new dark green coating and decal. The army decal is still present under the camouflage paint. This M35 got a typical so called ‘Normandy’ camouflage job with three tones (Tan, Red/Brown, Green). The liner is dry and looks like it has some water damage. When I got the helmet it did not have the chin strap or draw string anymore, but I added originals to make the helmet complete again. The strap is a nice 1939 dated example, which matched the helmet perfectly. The colors of this helmet are truely amazing and bright. The helmet shows normal combat wear and has a nice patina over it. The liner is original to the helmet and the split pins remain tight and untouched.  Maker marked shell by E.T. size 62, lot number ‘2’ 2930. Amazing camouflage helmet with stunning colors, very hard to find!!!