BIG M35 Luftwaffe double decal helmet Q68 1940


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Attractive and great looking blue colored Luftwaffe M35-pattern helmet with double decals. Both decals are in very good shape and would rate over 95%, they show nice ageing and patina. This must have been one of the last M35 that was produced since the helmet already has a 1940 dated transitional liner (steel band – but aluminum chin strap rings). All split pins remain in untouched and ‘unmessed-with’ condition, yet the split pin in the back was just placed very poorly at that time and is a bit loose but it does not show any traces of tempering. The helmet is BIG size 68 – a bit what everybody is looking for these days, made by Quist (Q68). The lotnumber is 4863. What makes it even more special is the early aluminum Luftwaffe ‘chocolate’ brown chinstrap with unit marking – that is worth a small fortune on it own! The funny thing about this strap is that it’s acutally placed upside down, and by the looks of it, it was worn like this the whole time. The liner is still in very good/supple shape and shows normal ageing and small cracks, the full lenght draw string is still present. This helmet is a recent USA G.I. vet bring back piece that didn’t saw day light untill a few weeks ago! Complete untouched ca. 1940 produced M35 double decal helmet is excellent condition – hard to upgrade!