Beautiful late war Luftwaffe EM/NCO ‘Flieger’ visor cap ‘Schirmmütze for pilot/Fallschirmjäger


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Stunning late war constructed Luftwaffe visor cap in excellent condition. Yellow piped visor for a member of the Luftwaffe Fliegertruppe (pilot or paratrooper). The cap is in very good condition and only the yellow piping shows a few small moth nips, other than that it is truely perfect. A late war zink constructed set of national insignia is period pierced trough the front of the cap. The lining shows typical ‘last ditch’ materials and this example even has the cardboard visor up front. The sweat diamond is still present but does not show a maker mark. The artifical leather sweat band (that almost feels like paper) is complete but shows some small cracks. A very nice cap, not often encountered in these late war materials.