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  • M40 enlisted army Feldbluse 1940


    Worn M40 pattern Feldbluse in salty condition. Complete with original national insignia restored to the jacket, pictures before are added as well. Nice to see a wound badge used to be on the left chest pocket and clearly left a mark. Large chest size ‘102’, perfect for a mannequin. Dated 1940. Perfect for an early…

  • M36 enlisted army Feldbluse 1939


    Worn M36 patter Feldbluse in good condition. Complete with original national insignia restored to the jacket. Has multiple genuine award loops on the left chest pocket. One button is loose and is attached with a safety pin, could easily be replaced. Large chest size ’96’, dated 1939. The jacket is solid and shows no major…

  • M41 army feldbluse for a Cavalry or Reconnaissance officer ‘Oberleutnant’


    Well worn M41 pattern army enlisted Feldbluse, retailored to be worn by an officer. The jacket is complete with its officer insgina, having gold piping, indication this man was part of a Cavalry or Reconnaissance unit (Kavallerie – Aufklärung). The markings inside the jacket are gone due heavy use. There are some loops for medals…

  • Kriegsmarine tropical officer jacket 1943


    Genuine KM officer jacket in unissued – MINT – condition. Complete with all the buttons. Size marked and dated 1943

  • Army/Waffen-SS M40 breeches with RBNr. 1944


    Excellent, nearly unworm, M40 pattern pair of Army (or Waffen-SS) breeches. These were used by all ranks from enlisted soldiers up to officers. Nice to see how they kept producing the M40 pattern so late in the war while the M43 pattern already existed. The trousers are maker marked with RBNr. 0/0450/0995 and dated 1944….

  • RARE Wehrmacht POA Russian Liberation Army field tunic


    Seldom encountered and truely rare POA (Русская освободительная армия) uniform in very good condition. Has some small moth damages but the overal condition is good. This is not a put-together tunic but the real deal with all of its insignia period applied to the jacket! Has a very rare HBT POA volunteer shield applied on…

  • RARE Wehrmacht ‘POA’ Russian Liberation Army field tunic and trousers 1943


    Seldom encountered and truely rare POA (Русская освободительная армия) uniform set executed in captured French ‘Horizon Blue’ cloth, not be compared with blue/grey luftwaffe cloth! Both jacket and trousers are in nearly unissued condition but sadly had to deal with some moth damages. The tunic is a fine M43 pattern jacket that does not close…

  • M40 Kriegsmarine coastal artillery ‘Küstenartillerie’ feldbluse for ‘Unteroffizier’


    Close to MINT and unissued original M40 pattern Kriegsmarine feldbluse for a NCO (Unteroffizier) of the coastal personell. Complete with all of its original insignia restored to the jacket . The tissue shows minimal wear and is still soft. The fiel green cotton lining inside is complete and shows size markings and a maker mark…

  • Textbook M43 army Feldbluse in gabardine 1944


    Classic late war M43 pattern Feldbluse in light worn condition. Executed in so called captured Italian cloth ‘Gabardine’, wich looks very nice and is realy desirable. Complete with its period factory applied insignia! Maker marked with RBNr: 0/0769/0092 and dated 1944. Some small damaged on the lower back and the first aid pocket is torn…

  • Wehrmacht winter trousers in Sumpftarnmuster 43


    Large size German Wehrmacht winter trousers (Winterhose 43), non-reversible with purple-blue silk lining. Light worn piece with very bright camouflage ‘Sumpftarnmuster 43’-pattern colors. No visible maker marks. The trousers are complete with their often missing suspenders, with matching lining material on the buttons holes. Complete with all of its blue glass buttons. A realy nice…

  • M36 ‘stonegrey’ army trousers 1939


    Hard to find early pair of M36 army stone grey trousers in very good condition. The trousers show minimal wear and the wool is still soft and bright. The leg endings have been altered with straps for a better fit when wearing ankle boots (maybe this was worn by a mountain trooper?). Dated inside 1939…

  • M40 army greatcoat 1940


    Excellent standard M40 pattern army greatcoat in perfect condition. Shows minimal wear, complete with all buttons. Maker marked inside and dated 1940.

  • Army/Waffen-SS mountain trooper ‘Gebirgsjäger’ green three pocket anorak


    Hard to find green colored unreversible three pocket anorak for a army and/or Waffen-SS mountain trooper ‘Gebirgsjäger’ . Complete with all paper buttons and buckles around the sleeves. Draw strings are missing. These green anoraks are the first types and and not often encounterd. A very nice uniform in good condition.

  • Army/Waffen-SS mountain trooper ‘Gebirgsjäger’ Windjacke


    Genuine worn Heer (Army) and/or Waffen-SS wind jacket in good condition. Complete with all blue glass buttons. Shows a small repair in the middel. Interesting to see the shoulders were reinforced at the factory when it was made, covering the loops and buttons for the shoulder boards. Size markings are still a little bit visible…

  • Org. Todt field jacket


    Complete and unissued Org. Field jacket. Stil has the size label attached. Maker marked by Peter Crehter, size 54. Complete with collar tabs and original two piece armband. Very good looking jacket, soft wool and no damages.

  • MINT ‘Afrikakorps’ third pattern tropical Feldbluse 1944


    Stunning untouched ‘depot queen’ – Third pattern (M43) tropical feldbluse in excellent condition. All insigina are factory machine applied. Complete with all buttons. Maker marked with RBNr: 0/1001/5286 and dated 1944 (Wb44). Impossible to upgarde, very sharp and vivid sand/tan colors.

  • Army black Panzer wrapper 1940


    A very attractive early war Panzer wrapper constructed in black colored wool. The wool shows almost no wear and I would state it was never issued. The jacket shows some post war depot/museum stamps and that makes me think the insignia on this jacket are restored. Yet both eagle and tabs are very carefully machine…

  • Waffen-SS ‘Charkow’ parka in Italian camouflage colors


    Excellent light worn Waffen-SS so-called ‘Charkow’ parka 2nd pattern made from Italian camo material. A light worn example with vivid camo colors. Complete with full liner. A few buttons are missing, otherwise no damages. Great investment!

  • Luftwaffe anti-aircraft ‘Flak’ Fliegerbluse 1940


    Unissued and MINT Luftwaffe Flak Fliegerbluse in execellent condition. Extremely large size (chest 120) so perfect for a modern muscular mannequin. In my opinion this jacket was never finished with insignia and just haning in a depot waiting for a suitable ‘giant’. All the insigina you see are professional machine applied to the tunic. Complete…

  • Luftwaffe enlisted Fliegerbluse for Pilot or Paratrooper


    Mid war (ca.1942-43) constructed blue colored Fliegerbluse with period applied insignia in unissed condition. The blue wool is in perfect condition and shows no damages or wear besides a small hole on the back of the collar. Nicely maker marked inside.